Rain Water Harvesting

What is Rain Water Harvesting ?

Rain water Harvesting is a process to store and reuse of Rainwater. Usually, this water comes from top roofs, parks and roads etc. During rains this water is being stored in artificial or naturally build reservoirs.

There are three main types of Rain Water Harvesting System.

(1)-Direct pumped

In this system, we need pumps to transfer the collected rainwater from storage tanks to the point of use. Submersible pumps and suction pumps are being used for this purpose. However, Submersible pumps are more efficient than suction pumps.

(2)-Gravity only

In this system the storage tanks are located higher ( header tanks) than outlets of the water. Only power of gravity is needed for this technique.

(3)-Indirect pumped

In this process rainwater harvesting system does not rely on gravity to supply water to the outlets. It pumps the harvested water to the storage tanks of the building which can be at any location.From those tanks water can be supplied to the outlets via gravity or booster pumps.

Advantages of Rainwater:

Rainwater is mostly free from harmful chemicals therefor after necessary treatment or without treatment, we can use this water for several applications.

(1)-Watering Plants.




(5)-Irrigation purposes

Treatment of the Rainwater:

According to our requirements , we can use different methods like filtration, purification and sterilization for water treatment. This water treatment system can be installed between the rainwater reservoirs and the outlets of water.

How can we store Rainwater ?

Most rooftops provide the necessary platform for collecting water. In our buildings or homes, we can design a system for storing rainwater in the reservoirs. This system can be made of plastic piping (PPRC – UPVC – GLI) or concrete.

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