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Reverse Osmosis Plant -400-gpd

Reverse Osmosis Plant

RO Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Plant

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Rs/-35,500

RO Plant

RO Plant 100-GPD

RO Plant- Made In Taiwan

What is Reverse Osmosis Water Filter ?

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters for the home use a semi-permeable membrane that serves as a barrier against the contaminants present in the water. Only H2O is allowed to pass through the membranes, and the bigger molecules, whether they be contaminants or minerals, are left behind. Pure water is being stored in a storage tank. We offer the best RO Plant Price in Pakistan.

When you open the tap of the RO filter, purified water contained in the storage tank is passed through an additional carbon filter, known as the polish filter or the post filter. This filter further takes away any residual odors or tastes, giving only pure, clean and tasty water without any chemicals or other pollutants.

Reverse Osmosis Domestic Filter
  1. Polypropylene Fiber Filter 5 Micron
  2. Activated Carbon Filter CTO
  3. Granular Activated Carbon Filter GAC
  4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  5. Post Carbon Filter
  6. Mineral Cartridge
  7. Alkaline Filter

Flow 100 Gallon Per Day
Made in Taiwan & Vietnam
Bigger Storage Tank
One Year Warranty

You need the best water filter for home in Pakistan?

If you are thinking on lines of installing a water filter for your domestic requirements of quality water for cooking, baking and drinking purposes, you won’t find a better arrangement than the reverse osmosis filter, which delivers safe, healthy and tasty water without any odor. Aqua Sep is the best place for domestic reverse osmosis plant in Pakistan. We provide the best quality water filters in Pakistan. Contact us for best water filter price in Pakistan.

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