Mineral Water Plant


Mineral Water Plant

Procedure of Mineral Water Processing in Pakistan

The first step for setting up a Water Purification Plant is the analysis of source water.
After the chemical analysis, the specifications of the purification plant are set. In purification plant, source water is stored into feed water tank and then passes through the sand filter for preliminary water filtration.
In next stage, water passes through the dosing pump-I, where chlorine is added to kill the germs in water.
After the chlorination, water passes through carbon filter. It helps in maintenance of proper odor and taste of water. It also removes chlorine
from water.
Furthermore, water passes through dosing pump-II, where Sodium Meta Bi-sulfate is added. It helps in de-chlorination of water.
Water is filtered next and passes through dosing pump-III, where Antiscalant is added. It prevents scaling of membrane from Calcium, Magnesium and Biological growth.
Water, then passes through Reverse Osmosis module. This stage of the process makes water clear from all the contamination and minute particles.
In next step, water passes through dosing pump-IV, where Minerals are added for taste development. After this stage, water undergoes Ultra Violet treatment to avoid any contamination from bacteria and other microorganisms.
At last stage, water passes through automatic washing, filling and capping plant. Here water is filled into bottles.
After filling, bottles are taken into the warehouse or supplied to the retailers.

Space Requirements for Water Processing Plant in Pakistan

A total of 1,600 square feet area is required to start this business. Space for the processing unit has been calculated on the basis of space required for factory area, store, management building and open ground. However, the unit’s operating in the industry do not follow any set pattern.

Machinery Requirements for Water processing Plant in Pakistan

This Pre-feasibility study proposes 1 Reverse Osmosis plant, with a capacity to purified 5,000 gallons per day of water. This Reverse Osmosis plant is assembled locally with some imported components. These components can be Chinese, German, and Taiwanese & Italian with respect to the capital expenditure budget. Details of the machinery & equipment’s are as following:

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant
Feed Pump
Multimedia Filter
Carbon Filter
Antiscalant Dosing Pump
Micron Cartridge Filter
High Pressure Pump
Membrane Housing
Remineralization (Mineral Dosing)
Product Water Storage Tank
Transfer / Filling Pump
Pressure Gauges
Flow Meter
Electric Control Panel
Membrane’s Cleaning / Flushing System
TDS Meter
Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Pipes & Fittings
Safety Switches ( Low & High )
Bottle’s Washing / Rinsing Manual System
Bottle’s Filling Manual System

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